Neurobit Optima+ and Optima BT/USB firmware

Version information

Ver. 2.7.1

  • Reduction of initial transient states for:

    • AC voltage measurements in previously disabled channels,

    • AC voltage measurements after firmware update/check,

    • AC current measurements, especially BVP.

  • Accelerated recovery from saturation for lower limit freqency 0.01 Hz has been corrected for channels different than A.


Ver. 2.6

  • 400 nA AC current range has been added. It is suitable for newer BVP sensors.

  • Overrange signaling during initial transient state for AC current measurement (especially BVP) has been removed.

  • Adaptation to DC coupling for 6 mV range.

  • Modified detection threshold for pIR HEG signal.

  • Accelerated recovery from saturation for lower limit freqency set to 0.01 Hz.

  • Removal of extra noise sometimes appearing in some early USB devices (having serial numbers starting with "18").

Ver. 2.5

  • Some occasional errors of communication with the device (responding to commands) have been fixed.

  • Extended signaling of possible hardware problems.

  • Test of LED indicators.

Ver. 2.4

  • Final adaptation to pIR HEG sensor.

  • Adaptation of impedance tests to new device batches.

Ver. 2.3

  • Reduction of initial transient state for measurement started shortly after turning on the device, when lower limit frequency is set to 0.01 Hz (especially for the "RESP belt" profile).

Ver. 2.2

  • Resolved occasional issues with extra noise in measured signals in some USB devices with serial numbers starting with "18".

Ver. 2.1

  • Auto off time extended to 10 min.

  • Minor adjustments.

Ver. 2.0

  • Initial version for Neurobit Optima+ family and Neurobit Optima 2 BT/USB models.

Update instructions

  1. Download the latest firmware file.

  2. Run an application interoperating with the device (e.g. BioExplorer).

  3. Open the Neurobit device settings window.

  4. On the General tab, click the Device services button.

  5. Click Browse to select the downloaded firmware file.

  6. Place the paired Neurobit Optima(+) BT device near the computer or connect the Neurobit Optima(+) USB device with a USB cable.

  7. Turn on the device (only one) and wait for its beep signal.

  8. Click the Upload button and wait for the completion.
    (In case of any transmission problem click the Upload button again.)

  9. Click the Exit button.

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