Neurobit Recorder 2.0

© Copyright by Neurobit Systems 2010-2018

Neurobit Recorder (record.exe) is a simple, yet creating many possibilities application, which enables to record physiological signals collected wirelessly with equipment by Neurobit Systems. Data can be stored on a computer disk in European Data Format (EDF) or text files. They can be imported by many signal analysis or spreadsheet applications, such as EEGLAB for Matlab, Polyman or Excel (including some freeware). For some devices, such as Neurobit Optima, the Neurobit Recorder can also test electrode-skin impedances & input circuit continuity.
The application is running under Microsoft Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP systems.


  1. Prerequisites
  2. Installation
  3. Main window
    1. Session tab
    2. General tab
    3. Channel tabs
    4. EEG Cap tab
    5. Test tab
    6. Record tab
  4. Main menu
    1. File menu
    2. Help menu

1. Prerequisites

2. Installation

  1. Run installer Neurobit_RecorderX_X.exe. Keep checked the option "Overwrite files". Unzip the application files to selected folder ("C:\Program Files\Neurobit\Recorder" is the default).
  2. Read license.txt file from the application folder.
  3. Create a shortcut to main application file record.exe from the application folder on your desktop and/or Menu Start.

(In order to uninstall the application the uninstall.bat program from the application folder can be used.)

3. Main window

The main application window is divided into several tabs, which can be selected in the bar below main menu or with Next button in lower right corner of the window. Apart from the common Session tab there are tabs of options depending on a selected device. These are a General tab with general device options and several tabs with settings for individual measurement channels. There may also appear additional tabs for some devices, e.g. Test tab. The Record tab enables to run measurements with configuration set on previous tabs.

As an example, settings for Neurobit Optima+ 4 device are described below. Please consult instruction manual of your device model to learn about available settings.

Session tab

General tab

Chan A tab

Neurobit Optima devices have versatile measurement channels, which functions can be defined by a user. It should be taken into consideration, that appearance and available settings of some parameters (e.g. Measurement range) may depend on other parameters (e.g. Channel function). When you change such superior parameter, all dependent parameters are set to defaults.

Chan B-E tabs

Parameters for channels B-E are set similarly as for channel A.

EEG Cap tab

For devices equipped with EEG cap interface this tab enables to control connections of cap electrodes to individual measurement channels.

Test tab

This tab enables to test input circuit connections and electrode-skin impedances for enabled channels before actual signal recordings. Although optional, execution of the test is recommended.

IMPORTANT: For multi-channel measurements of voltage signals (for example EEG), suitable settings of Common reference fields on individual channel tabs are necessary for correct electrode-skin impedance readings.

Record tab

This tab is used to record signals in accordance with configuration set on other tabs.

State indicators shown on this tab can have up to four states:

Window contents:

4. Main menu

File menu

Help menu

It gives access to the application documentation (F1), license and information about the manufacturer.