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Neurobit Systems news

March 2024

New models of Neurobit Optima(+) devices

We are introducing Neurobit Optima(+) BLE models for neurofeedback/biofeedback. They replace older Optima wireless models. They use wireless connection via Bluetooth Low Energy, provide even longer battery life and faster feedback signals.

March 2024

A package of updates

  • Neurobit Firmware 2.9.5 for Optima+ and Optima BLE/USB devices,
  • Neurobit Runtime & API 5.2 with added support for Optima(+) BLE models,
  • Neurobit Recorder 2.6.
(Download addresses are given in the manuals.)

September 2023

BrainAssistant software

A new neurofeedback application by BrainBoost supports our devices.

March 2021

A package of updates

  • Neurobit Firmware 2.5 for Optima+ and Optima USB devices,
  • Neurobit Runtime 4.8,
  • Neurobit Recorder 2.3.
(Download addresses are given in the manuals.)

March 2021

BioExplorer available again

We ship BioExplorer license keys from our stock.

July 2020

EEGer software

Well-known software for neurofeedback already works with Neurobit Optima(+) devices.

July 2020

pIR HEG cable

Active, thermally compensated cable compatible with pIR HEG headband by Dr. Jeffrey Carmen is now available.

July 2019

Interoperation with SmartMind

SmartMind 4 software by BrainTrain, Inc. now supports EEG neurofeedback with our Optima/Optima+ devices.

29th May 2019

Manuals in Spanish

Instruction manual and associated user's documentation for the new Neurobit Optima(+) devices are now also available in Spanish.

21st September 2018

New Neurobit Optima models

We are just introducing new products, especially Neurobit Optima+ models, with many additional functions.

Neurobit Driver & API 4.0

Support for 6 new device models has been added. In the device settings window, for Neurobit Optima+ models, there are new tabs for EEG cap and extra digital channel, among other things. Some more improvements have been introduced as well, including extra messages for BioExplorer software.

Neurobit Recorder 2.0

This version includes all new features of Neurobit Driver 4.0. Moreover, it enables to show recorded signals in realtime with EDFBrowser. Import of settings file created for different Optima model (e.g. an older device) is now possible, as well. More info and download: Neurobit Recorder versions.

28th August 2014

Neurobit Recorder ver. 1.2

Information about changes and download: Neurobit Recorder versions.

25th August 2014

Converter of BioExplorer session files

For professional users we have just released a free software tool converting native BioExplorer session files to EDF standard files. They can be read in many applications for biosignal analysis and review.

More details and download: bxs2edf.

28th June 2014

Neurobit Optima firmware v. 1.2

Several important functions connected with power supply control have been improved.

We recommend users of Optima equipment to upgrade the firmware according to instructions included in the user's manual.

6th May 2014

New EEG electrodes

Neurobit Optima equipment is now delivered with disposable Ag/AgCl disk EEG electrodes for use with conductive paste in hairy sites, instead of reusable Ag cup electrodes. For hairless locations, such as mastoid process behind ear (used instead of earlobe), disposable self-adhesive Ag/AgCl electrodes are now used.

The new electrodes have lower noise in low frequency (Delta) band, keep better on the head and allow to eliminate electrode cleaning and disinfection stage.

19th April 2013

Neurobit Optima multimodal kits

Multimodal biofeedback & physiological measurement sets with Neurobit Optima units are now available for direct online ordering. They include all necessary sensors and materials for EEG, sEMG, HRV, GSR, skin temperature and respiratory airflow.

19th March 2013

Mind-Body Training Tools software supports Neurobit Optima

A new Mind-Body Training Tools software package by York Mind-Body Health (UK) using our equipment enables anti-stress and peak performance training with multimodal biofeedback. Optimal psychophysiological state is achieved with measurement and modification of several biosignals:

  • brainwaves (EEG),
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV),
  • muscle tension (EMG),
  • breathing,
  • skin temperature and
  • skin conductance (GSR).
Training videos and in-depth instructions are included in the package.

19th March 2012

Extended warranty period

We have extended warranty on Neurobit Optima and Neurobit Lite devices to 2 years.
The new warranty period applies to orders since March 19th, 2012.

24th January 2012

Neurobit Optima manual in Spanish

Instruction manual and some additional documentation for Neurobit Optima equipment are now available in Spanish.

7th November 2011

TEMP biofeedback sensor

Skin temperature measurement is used in classic biofeedback for stress reduction. Such training can be applied independently or as an introduction to neurofeedback session.

TEMP sensor for Neurobit Optima equipment is characterized by high resolution of measurement (better than 0.01°C) and high absolute accuracy (0.2°C), and small diameter of the tip (2mm) gives fast reaction.

The same sensor mounted under the nose can measure respiratory airflow.

The new sensor requires ver. 1.1 (or newer) of the device firmware.

A package of software upgrades

The following upgrades are available:

  • Neurobit Optima firmware 1.1,
  • Neurobit Driver & API 3.2,
  • Neurobit Recorder 1.1,
  • Package 1.2 of protocols for BrainBay 1.8 application.

15th July 2011

Active shielding in Neurobit Optima

We have added the option of active shielding of measurement cables, which reduces artifacts associated with cable movements. EEG electrodes with shielded cables are available on special request. Widespread electrodes with non-shielded wires still can be used.

6th July 2011

Neurobit Systems in PSTP

We have become a Partner of Pomeranian Science and Technology Park.

Pomeranian Science and Technology Park

8th June 2011

Neurobit Driver & API 3.1

Among other things, Status tab has been added in the device settings window during normal measurement session. It enables to see detailed status (of each measurement channel) if it is not shown directly in an application window.

23rd March 2011

BioExplorer software supports Neurobit Optima equipment

BioExplorer release 1.6 (full version) includes drivers for our new products.

13th January 2011

Package of protocols for BrainBay application

A free package of BrainBay designs, including protocols for neurofeedback peak performance training, EEG monitoring, and peripheral biofeedback, has been prepared for users of our equipment.
List of designs:

  • EEG:
    Alpha-Theta | Attention | Clarity* (2-channel) | Depth | Energy | Focus | Language | Peak | Relax | Synchrony* (2-channel) | Mirror* (2-channel) | Monitor (1 or 2-channel),
  • EMG* (muscle activity),
  • GSR* (galvanic skin response),
  • HR* (heart rate).

Many of the designs are computerized versions of the protocols built-in into Neurobit Lite device. Now they are available also for Neurobit Optima equipment.

* Some protocols require Neurobit Optima device. Peripheral biofeedback may require additional sensors.

1st September 2010

BrainBay software supports Neurobit equipment

All Neurobit Optima and Neurobit Lite devices interoperate with BrainBay - versatile software for biofeedback.

15th July 2010

BioEra software supports Neurobit Optima equipment

BioEra v. 2.3.86 or newer is required.
That release also includes some improvements for Neurobit Lite devices (especially IrComm2k driver is no longer required for communication).

7th April 2010

We introduce Neurobit Optima™ devices

This family of multichannel, portable, highly versatile equipment can be used both for neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback), as well as peripheral types of biofeedback, including EMG, HRV, GSR and TEMP. High measurement resolution and flexible configuration makes Neurobit Optima suitable also for physiological data acquisition in various research and technology applications.

Free Neurobit Recorder application

This simple, yet creating many possibilities application for Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 enables to record physiological signals collected wirelessly with Neurobit Optima or Neurobit Lite devices. Data can be stored in European Data Format (EDF) or text file, which can be imported by many signal analysis or spreadsheet applications, such as EEGLAB for Matlab or Excel. For Neurobit Optima devices, the Neurobit Recorder can also test electrode-skin impedances & input circuit continuity.

Neurobit API 3.0

The latest version of Application Programming Interface based on new concepts:

  • uniformly supports all models of Neurobit devices with abstract device information services;
  • can serve simultaneous measurements with several Neurobit devices in one application instance;
  • supports various communication protocols.

16th November 2009

Neurobit Lite firmware 2.8

Brainwave Monitor protocol

The new protocol is intended for monitoring of general brainwave state. It gives visual and audio information about basic 4 EEG bands (Theta, Alpha, SMR and Beta). The device's screen shows bar indicators and digital values of relative signal amplitudes in those bands. A dominant band is marked on the screen and signaled with sounds in phones. Each band is connected with specific instrument tone.

More info...

History of scores

Average scores of past neurofeedback sessions are stored in non-volatile memory of the device. A new function enables to browse list of the scores.

More info...

7th November 2007

Neurobit API 2.0

The new version of Application Programming Interface has been adjusted to the most recent Microsoft operating system - Windows Vista. The interface is now easier in use and does not require additional driver of virtual serial port. The new version can also be used under older Windows systems (NT/2000/XP/2003 Server). The API is free of charge for non-commercial applications.

4th October 2006

Neurobit Lite in Spanish

The device's menu and instruction manual are now also available in Spanish.

29th July 2005

Neurobit Lite firmware 2.1
New built-in neurofeedback protocols and more

Deep relaxation training

High theta band protocol for closed eyes. It promote mind/body integration, self-regulation and well-being. The protocol can also be helpful in classical meditation.

Alpha-theta training

Alpha-theta crossover protocol supports visualization, meditation, enhanced creativity and performance, to name a few. Similar training is often used for recovery from trauma and addictions as well.

The protocol is protected against shift to lower frequency theta waves, which could cause drowsiness. When such waves are becoming too high, warning signal is generated.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Software developers of PC applications processing EEG data can now integrate their software with Neurobit Lite device even faster and easier, using our API. It can be adopted to any operating system and programming language. API is free of charge.

Previous extensions for Neurobit Lite

Wireless connectivity with PC, using IrDA standard of infrared communication.

Wide compatibility with systems and platforms. Many portable computers are equipped with built-in infrared hardware. For desktop PCs not including the hardware, non-expensive adapters for USB port are available.

Interoperation with popular biofeedback software: BioExplorer and BioEra.

It allows additional EEG data processing, storage and presentations. With real-time processing on PC, user-defined training protocols are also available. Demo versions of BioExplorer and BioEra are available.

EEG sampling frequency up to 1024Hz is now available.

The device enables high EEG sampling frequency (up to 1024 Hz) and wide frequency band (up to 100 Hz). Both parameters can be controlled by the user for measurements transmitted to PC.

Firmware download to the device, with free upgrades available in the web.

We still develop out products. And biofeedback is constantly enriching field. You can successively receive new device features and improvements - without physical unit delivery to support service, and with no costs.

More features of Neurobit Lite equipment...

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