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English-United Kingdom: Neurobit Systems: Neurofeedback & Biofeedback equipment Deutsch-Deutschland: Neurobit Systems: Geršte zum Neurofeedback und Biofeedback franÁais-France: Neurobit Systems: Appareils pour le neurofeedback et le biofeedback Italiano-Italia: Neurobit Systems: Impianti per neurofeedback e biofeedback  
English-United States: Neurobit Systems: Neurofeedback & Biofeedback equipment Deutsch-÷sterreich: Neurobit Systems: Geršte zum Neurofeedback und Biofeedback Español-España: Neurobit Systems: Equipos para el neurofeedback y biofeedback Português-Portugal: Neurobit Systems: O Equipamento Neurofeedback e Biofeedback  
English-Canada: Neurobit Systems: Biofeedback & Neurofeedback equipment Deutsch-Schweiz: Neurobit Systems: Geršte zum Biofeedback und Neurofeedback Español-Mťxico: Neurobit Systems: Equipos para el neurofeedback y biofeedback polski-Polska: Neurobit Systems: SprzÍt do neurofeedbacku i biofeedbacku  

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Neurobit Optima™ 4 / 2

This portable, highly versatile yet affordable physiological data acquisition equipment can be used in many applications, including:

  • neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback),
  • sEMG, HRV, GSR, TEMP and other types of biofeedback,
  • scientific research,
  • brain-computer interfaces,
  • neuromarketing,
  • education.

Neurobit Optima distinguishes, among other things, by multimodal measurement channels, which functions can be individually selected by a user.

Product highlights

  • 4 versatile, low-noise channels enabling measurements of voltage, conductance, resistance and temperature signals. (NO-2 model has 2 channels.)
  • a function of each channel is specified by a user (for example 4 x EEG, or EEG + sEMG + GSR + TEMP, or 2 x EEG + 2 x sEMG etc.)
  • built-in test of electrode-skin impedances and input circuit continuity,
  • independent reference inputs for each channel,
  • 16-bit resolution of measurements,
  • 1% accuracy of voltage measurements,
  • output sample rate up to 2000 sps,
  • oversampling (primary sampling rate up to 8000 sps),
  • selectable frequency characteristics enable to minimize signal delay or maximize frequency bandwidth,
  • high immunity to electrical interferences,
  • option of active shielding of sensor cables to reduce movement artifacts,
  • configurable filter of power mains interferences (50/60 Hz or off),
  • full galvanic isolation of the subject's body,
  • wireless connection to a computer,
  • real-time transmission of data to a computer,
  • interoperation with many biofeedback applications making possible flexible signal processing and visualization (also in real time), as well as storage in a computer,
  • available free computer software for physiological signal recording in EDF (European Data Format) and text files, which can be imported by many applications, such as EEGLAB for Matlab or Excel,
  • application programming interface (API),
  • device extension with digital signal processor (DSP) executing client-defined algorithms (custom-made option),
  • 2 AA battery powered,
  • long work without battery replacement,
  • indicators of battery, wireless link and measurement input states,
  • small size and weight,
  • belt clip enabling to wear the device,
  • remote upgrades of program in the device (firmware),
  • standard Touch Protected 1.5mm measurement connectors (DIN 42802),
  • compatibility with virtually all types of routinely used electrodes (AgAgCl, Ag, Au, Sn etc.) having TP connectors, as well as any electrode montage solutions,
  • CE mark.

Interoperating software

BioExplorer - Instrument window
BioExplorer - DVD controlled with biofeedback BioExplorer - PacMan biofeedback game
BioExplorer - Session report

Neurobit Optima works with several software applications enabling flexible data processing and storage, audio and visual presentation of feedback signals (graphs, animations, DVD films, games etc.):

  • BioExplorer - popular, feature-rich biofeedback software with visual designs of data processing and presentation.

    Quick start with BioExplorer

    BioExplorer also interoperates with many third party biofeedback games, for example:
    • BioPlay package by Itallis,
    • NeuroPuzzles by Brainclinics,
    • InnerTube, Particle Editor and DualDrive eXtreme by SomaticVision.

  • New Mind-Body Training Tools - multimodal biofeedback package for peak performance training

  • BioEra - advanced application for bio-signal processing

    Quick start with BioEra

  • BrainBay - free biofeedback software for personal use

  • eBioo - neurofeedback software for business and other training


Neurobit Optima is sold with:

  • 2-year warranty as a standard. Extension is also possible.
  • 30-day money back warranty.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This equipment is not a medical product. It is intended for psychological training by neurofeedback & biofeedback, research and technology purposes.

More information about the product

Neurobit Optima - portable neurofeedback and biofeedback equipment

Physiological measurements simpler than ever.

CE mark of conformity Made in European Union

New Mind-Body Training Tools multimodal biofeedback software works with Neurobit Optima.

New Neurobit Optima multimodal biofeedback equipment kits can now be ordered online.

New Warranty on our biofeedback equipment extended to 2 years.

New eBioo neurofeedback software supports Neurobit Optima.

New BioExplorer biofeedback software supports Neurobit Optima.

New We have become a Partner of Pomeranian Science and Technology Park.


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